Advantages of microfibre


Microfiber is a unique material that is made differently from the other materials. It is a material that can is often also be used for sheets and clothing as well as for upholstery. The microfiber sheets are made from the synthetic materials nylon and polyester polymers, and are constructed with tiny fibers which are less than 1 denier thick. The sheets have finely woven very tiny, microscopic fiber strands.

some facts about MICROFIBER SHEETS and duvet covers

1. The sheets are less than 1 denier thick made from advanced technology. Microfiber consists of very finely woven fibers and they are made in the lab as compared to forming naturally in nature.

2. The fibers of the sheets are extra fine and this makes microfiber sheets very comfortable for most people.

3. For people who sweat while asleep, the microfiber sheets have wicking properties (drawing off) which help keep you dry at night even when you get hot as you sleep.

4. Due to the tight woven nature of microfiber sheets they naturally repel stains and water. The stains can be wiped out without a trace if this is done immediately.

5. Microfiber is also well known for holding its shape. Regardless of how often you wash and use, your microfiber duvet cover will look like new for longer than any other fabric.

6. microfiber has also become popular for use in clothing and furniture upholstery because it can stand up to the rigors of pets, children, and everyday wear and tear well.

7. Microfiber bedding is usually quite thin although it is very strong and exceptionally comfortable as well as smooth.

8. The bedding can be washed and dried through use of ordinary washers and dryers which will not affect it. It also dry very fast because of it’s  thin fabric. It can also be hand washed.

9. The sheets are durable because of the way they are tightly woven.

10. The bedding is known for their softness, durability as well as their water repellent properties.

11. The sheets are effective for people who have allergies because they repel dust mites and also provide a cool, soft sleeping surface that is free of allergens.

12. The microfiber sheets are low cost, have breathability, wrinkle resistance and stain-repellent qualities.

13. They are laundered easily and are able to withstand repeated use over time. They also do not tear even with everyday usage like daily washing, do not fade easily and do not lose their shape.

14. Microfiber sheets are considered environmentally friendly due to the way that they’re manufactured


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